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Vitamin C to Bowel Tolerance?

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The back cover of my children's book Buttercup, Me, and Vitamin C includes Cathcart's chart from his 1980 paper titled Titration to Bowel Tolerance.


I like to abbreviate "bowel tolerance" as BT. This post is a guide to taking Vitamin C to bowel tolerance and what that means. Basically, if you take enough vitamin C, and you're human, you will get the runs about the same time all your symptoms go away. Some people call it "the vitamin C flush."

BT increases with how sick you are

Cathcart's clinical research showed us (in 1980) that if you have a lot of oxidative stress in your body, your bowel tolerance will increase, letting more vitamin C into your bloodstream. You can take much more on days when you are sick.

For example, if you have what people are calling "covid" or the flu or pneumonia, you can make your symptoms go away by taking Vitamin C to bowel tolerance, but your bowel tolerance on that day may be upwards of 200 grams, depending on how bad your symptoms have gotten, taken through the day (like 10 grams an hour or more).

In Cathcart's video, he refers to people who are "good at taking vitamin C" implying that you have to practice. I tell people they need to figure out their relationship to ascorbic acid by taking it in varying amounts multiple times every day.

Toxins vs Electrons

The reason that vitamin C works like it does is simple.

  1. Toxins, by definition, are any substance in your body that drains electrons from your tissues. For example, the "spike protein," of -19 and quaxzene fame, is simply a toxin that drains electrons. Restore the electrons more rapidly then they are drained, and you cancel the damage.

  2. Ascorbate (vitamin C) can neutralize damage from toxins by recharging your tissues so they function normally. Nowadays, anytime you start to feel sick, it should be your signal to aggressively dose ascorbate. Sometimes, if you're just feeling a little off, you'll notice that you will absorb very large amounts of vitamin C without getting diarrhea. If you absorb it, you need it, and you likely headed off an illness.

Yes other things can help recharge tissues (vitamin D, Magnesium, vitamin E, and even cortisol), but in the area of recharging tissues, rapid response of vitamin C in high doses is king. It is the most effective at "warding off illness."

Your bowel tolerance for ascorbate always indicates the amount of ascorbate you need (the amount of "electrons you're lacking"...the amount of "oxidative stress" in your body). Exceeding BT with one dose

If I, Theo Farmer, take just under a tablespoon of ascorbic acid at once, I don't get the runs in the next couple hours. If I take just over a tablespoon, I doo. I have found the difference between exceeding BT with one dose and not exceeding BT can be as little as 1/8 tsp (500mg). BT amount varies widely for every person. It might be 1/4 teaspoon for some and a tablespoon for others, like me.

Knowing the maximum amount you can take without running to the bathroom in an hour or two is a good thing to know. If you're healthy, you might be able to take that "most at one time" amount 3 or 4 times a day and never get the runs. If you stay saturated like that, you are fueling your ascorbate need at a high level and optimizing your health and healing. Also, if you ever have the need to clear the pipes, you can just overdo it slightly and hit the flush.

Warding off illness

If you take a dose that you think should cause a flush, and it doesn't, then you should probably take that dose again right away. Sometimes, you can head off a bad virus or bug or increase in radiation or sun exposure or chemtrail exposure or spike protein exposure just by paying attention to and taking enough to stay just under your bowel tolerance in a day. The amount your body absorbs may suddenly go up by a factor of 10. Your oxidative stress usually goes up fast before you feel any major symptoms, or maybe you just get a tingle in your throat. That's when you kick into aggressive dosing. Game-on. When you're on the toilet, game-off. Back to less aggressive dosing.

Staying saturated with ascorbate

I suggest that people learn the maximum amount AA (ascorbic acid) they can take in the morning in a single dose that doesn't cause an uncomfortable flush experience (just maybe a loose morning BM like that strong cup of coffee).

Take that max amount when you get up every morning and then a couple more times in the day depending on how hard you're working, how much stress you're under, how much sun and radiation you're exposed to, how many quaxinated hands you're shaking, etc. With more stress, take C more frequently.

Taking your max amount early in the day saturates your body with ascorbate and fortifies you against any disease. If you ever start getting symptoms, take that max amount more frequently to control the symptoms and keep you feeling strong. When you take that amount, any symptoms you have should be gone in an hour or less, so pay attention (often we ignore how we feel when we're feeling good). When the symptoms return, take that max amount again.

If you hit the AA hard when symptoms are mild (like sneezing or tickly throat), then you can usually get a jump on any "virus", allergy, or other issue.

I also find that when I take a heaping max amount right before bed, I have no BT issues at night and I believe it provides a whole bunch of electrons for regenerating the body/mind while you're sleeping. I think your BT goes way up while you're sleeping. No science to point to, just intuition and my experience.

Get your AA and other supplements from Katie. She's has based her family-owned supplement company on telling the truth about the power of orthomolecular methods.

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