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Music Lessons on the Farm

With Tashina Clarridge Lindley and Orin Lindley

Tashina Clarridge Lindley is a very talented, highly inventive fiddler who has gathered her knowledge from 3 plus decades of musical experience. Starting violin at the young age of 2, she has been competing in fiddle contests since age 6, and performing ever since.


Raised in the mountains of northern California, Tashina studied with Megan Lynch and Rob Diggins. Her musical horizons were also greatly expanded by frequent visits to Mark O'Connor's fiddle camp where she first heard Celtic fiddler Natalie MacMaster, and great influences Darol Anger, Buddy Spicher, Matt Glaser and, of course, Mark O'Connor.


She has been a 5 time National Grand Championship finalist, as well as a
5-time California State fiddle champion, and 4-time Western Open Grand Champion. Though her contest history clearly distinguishes her as a sparkling clean, studied player in the genre of Texas-style fiddling, she reveals great musical talent in her skill of intricately arranging traditional, and not-so-traditional, tunes.

Tashina's enthusiasm for many diverse styles of music brings an unusual level of creativity to her playing. In Mark O'Connor's words: "Tashina is taking her music very seriously to the point where she will make a lasting impact on the people she touches with her talent in the future. She is in music for the right reasons and we as listeners will benefit from it".


Tashina teaches alongside her playing partner and husband Orin Lindley on the guitar and mandolin. Tashina teaches any bowed instrument at any level. Orin gives beg-adv mandolin & guitar lessons, beg-int banjo, and really any picking instrument beg-int.


Tashina and Orin are happy to work with people on their singing, harmonizing, and any other thing of general musicality:). Individual lessons are usually best, usually an hour (unless you are voracious..:).


Ask about group lessons, for example, to work on band material together.


For little ones, it's ideal to do an hour if they can, but spread it out over several shorter segments, with some cow petting in between.


Lesson price: $50-$80 / hour sliding scale. Open to other arrangements if there is a good reason. Also totally open to proposed trades :)


Email: Or call 541-908-0561


Must be a member of HFPMA to participate - join here:

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