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Loved One is in The Hospital!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

From our perspective, a war on humanity has been going on for decades. People are starting to awaken to this truth, and some realize that our orthomolecular farm might be a good source of information about orthomolecular methods for their loved ones, and they contact us for pointers. We have limited time, as growing our farm community is our top priority, but we are compelled to help by providing pointers. So this blog entry is an assembly of information, suggestions, and links that we would be referencing and sharing if we were charged with helping a loved one who has landed themselves in a hospital.

Our Orthomolecular Perspective

This article provides some background on our perspective of the danger of going to the hospital. Hospitals are extremely dangerous, as they have been killing people and extending their illnesses for decades by withholding necessary nutrients:

Urgent C

The most urgent action is to demand that the hospital to give your loved one IV vitamin C. The article at the link specifies an amount of 10 grams per 12 hours. For a very ill patient, the infusion should be on the order of 350-1000 mg per kg per day if they are very ill. 20, 30, 50, 100, 150, and even 200 grams a day can be given. Those are the amounts that the early vitamin C doctors, like Klenner, would give to resolve serious conditions like "polio." The amount given is critical. If not enough is given, the oxidative stress (toxicities) is not fully neutralized and recovery is prevented or delayed. This is the link to that article with ideas to help you get IVC to your loved one.

Another great article titled Vitamin C and the Law is here:

Making IVC

If the doctor or hospital doesn't know how to make and administer IVC, then they can follow these directions recorded by Cathcart in the 1970s. Any compounding pharmacy should be able to provide the necessary ingredients. Pure ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate can be used off the shelf as the vitamin C added to the IV bags. You can make sodium ascorbate with 2 parts of ascorbic acid to 1 part pure sodium bicarbonate (food grade baking soda).

The Riordan Clinic also makes their IVC protocol available as a PDF file download.

Canceling The Spike Protein

The spike protein, through infection, transmission, or injection, is an issue according to the science we follow. Dr. Levy has been dealing with recovering people and has some good advice in addition to IVC which is in this brilliant article. The infusions that Levy includes for cancelling the spike protein are important for survival after taking the shot. If your loved one took the shot, then Levy's protocol might help them survive longer. Here's Levy's peer-reviewed article. If your loved one has the resources and strength, going to the Riordan clinic or another orthomolecular clinic would be the best option for recovery. I bet the Riordan clinic is overwhelmed with trying to save people who took the shot.

Prevention of Hospital Trips

To avoid going to the hospital ever, read my blog entry about staying saturated with vitamin C and learn your bowel tolerance for vitamin C. Your vitamin C practice is your ticket to never becoming so sick that you consider thinking that a pharmaceutical-industry-trained technician will help. Study my children's book Buttercup, Me, and Vitamin C with your children and Grandchildren, reading it over and over until you memorize the poem and everyone understands how and why vitamin C prevents and resolves disease.

Stock Up From Where?

We buy ascorbic acid 25lb or 50lb at a time and keep a stock of it on the farm for humans and animals. We like to go to for all our supplements.

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