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Vitamin C Babies!

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Every year, we have a LOT of baby mammals on the farm. One of the things I learned long after I had two sons who developed serious medical issues in the 1980 and 90's is that, way back in 1971, a doctor named Frederick Klenner, who was practicing in Reidsville, North Carolina, published a paper that included mention of his series of 300 CONSECUTIVE uncomplicated births. His secret to easy births: he instructed all his pregnant patients to take 5 grams of vitamin C in their first trimester, 10 grams in the second, and 15 grams in their third. When a woman would go into the hospital, Klenner would administer vitamin C through an IV until the baby was born. Two time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling reviewed Klenner's documentation and had very positive words for his work. "The nurses at the hospital," Pauling said, "called his babies 'the vitamin c babies' they were so big and healthy...." Klenner had been in a small town practice since the 1940s, and his practice consisted primarily of treating people with vitamin C, oral vitamin C and IV vitamin C. He relied on it, and studied it meticulously. He cured all the polio cases that walked through his door with vitamin C, and published about it in the AMA Conference Proceedings in 1949. What Klenner knew, and what all vitamin C researchers knew, was that the vast majority of life forms on earth make their own vitamin C in large quantities, and that humans make none. He knew that it was more than "a vitamin," but was more of a missing key to health and healing. Another researcher around the same time, Irwin Stone, called it "the healing factor."

Since a 150lb goat can make 10 to 100 grams of ascorbic acid a day, it made sense to Klenner to have all his pregnant women take 5 to 20 grams a day during their pregnancy, and with at least 300 pregnancies in a row, that eliminated complications in pregnancy and birth, and the consistent result was a healthy baby.

Klenner regularly administered 50, 60, or 100 grams by IV to treat serious conditions. The U.S. Government currently suggests that pregnant women take 0.080 grams per day. But that's a tiny amount compared to what a goat can make... When cattle are pregnant, if they get lots of grass and have access to minerals, they invariably have an uncomplicated birth. They make vitamin C, not like a goat, but dozens of grams, enough for a healthy pregnancy. They make plenty if they are living peaceful, low-stress lives, and have enough to eat. They convert glucose to vitamin C all day long, and when it's time, their bodies open up and the calf sometimes almost falls out. Calves often just appear in the field in the morning on our farm. We squint at them from a distance in wonder, sometimes asking "whose calf is that?"

When people come to the farm, I tell them that we are an Orthomolecular farm. We use nutrients rather than pharmaceuticals, with animals and farmers. "All animals make vitamin C." I tell them.

Most people, even health-care professionals, have never heard that. I didn't learn it during my 18 years of education: health classes, biology classes, all the university education. I even went to Oregon State University, which houses Linus Pauling's research, including his writing on Dr. Frederick Klenner. When I was having kids in the 1980's, no one mentioned this key fact. No birthing professionals in the industry even knew it. No one in the industry even knew that Klenner's 5gm, 10gm, 15gm, protocol would cut the labor time in half typically, would reduce the pain of labor dramatically, and would invariably produce a healthy and robust little infant. Once I learned it and realized how easy it was to replicate Klenner's results, part of my personal mission in life became to tell everyone. "All animals make vitamin C!" I tell everyone I talk to, if there's even a small pause in the conversation where I can slip it in. And if a woman comes to the farm pregnant, she will know all about animals, vitamin C, and Dr. Klenner's work, and a lot more, before she leaves.

Facebook is part of just about everyone's life, and that is good and bad. I am admin in a 70,000+ member group on fb about vitamin C and optimal health, and I can see the truth is spreading fast. We also have a newer group with almost 9,000 members where most of those members are women making pharmaceutical-free vitamin C babies.  The picture at the top of this post came from that group. It is probably the most beautiful birth picture I've ever seen: baby emerging from the warm waters, his eyes are wide open (typical of vitamin C babies), laser gaze on his mother's eyes, his body pinking up as breath soaks into his body, cord still attached to placenta. Wow. That is one strong mammal and one perfect birth! Not an on-farm birth, but rather an "on-fb" birth. Mission accomplished, and mission just begun. Unfortunately, fb is also closely tied to pharma, the same industry that brought us the self-serving 0.080 recommendation and are supporting many of the lies that we prove false daily, lies that damage children. The same industry that marginalized a two-time Nobel prize winner, and buried Klenner's protocol, the simple truth that he showed ensured that new humans can be successfully launched 300 out of 300 times.

The good news is the truth is spreading fast. The bad news is that fb can censor and control the news, and they are, with no regard to the truth and no regard to the health of the next generation. It all adds up to a war on humanity really. We were born into it, and now we have to break free. [Ed. Since posting this in June, 2020, the information control problems discussed here have gotten worse. We have recreated the vitamin C and pregnancy group on MeWe as a private alternative to the other vitamin C groups we admin on fb, and will be strategically working against these censorship moves to continue the flow of truthful information from the farm. Our website and blogs, and email, are also ways to keep in touch.]

The photo credit for the human vitamin C baby at the top of this post goes to Brittney Hogue who knows how to capture birth images as art. On the farm, we have vitamin C baby mammal births regularly and sometimes have our wits about us to take a pic. Here's one of Suzy having Sampson. Since mammals like Suzy make their own vitamin C, birth can be a pretty low-key process that happens in the middle of a rich microbiome.

If you really want to see an amazing birth process, come to the farm during hog farrowing time and attend a sow giving birth to a dozen piglets (a dozen vitamin C babies). It is absolutely magical and you can see it if you time your visit with extreme luck. Not all mammal births on our farm have been free of complication, but as we get better at providing for the needs of the animals so they have low stress and more comfortable lives here, the results are getting better and better each year. According to Wikipedia Ortho is a Greek prefix meaning “straight”, “upright”, “right” or “correct”. The Bible uses the term "righteousness" often, which I'm sure in the Greek has the prefix "ortho", and which I often personally take to mean "truth." Orthomolecular to me means "righteous molecules" or "God-given molecules" and those are the ones we use on our farm. The important truth to take away from this post is "ALL ANIMALS MAKE VITAMIN C" all day long, but not humans. If you're pregnant, and you take a lot of vitamin C all day, frequently, every day, you are highly likely to repeat Dr. Klenner's results and make another vitamin C baby.

What's the best kind of vitamin C? Well, it's the vitamin C that animals make in their bodies. They convert glucose to ascorbic acid. We like the ascorbic acid powder (and all the products) at because it's run by Katie Gironda who has given birth to 17 vitamin C babies (just kidding, but we lost count and she's had a lot of vitamin C babies)!

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