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Buttercup, Me, & Vitamin C: Shipping This Week!

The text of this post was originally posted on facebook.


Our book is dedicated to Cameron.

My second son, Cameron, was severely disabled. He was born in 1986, had APGAR scores of 9's and 10's at birth, but never developed beyond infancy. 1986 was the year the Heb B vaccine was introduced and that same year vaccine manufacturers were relieved of all liability for the damage they were causing to children, which was threatening to bankrupt them with lawsuits. I was unaware of any of that and realize now that I was unaware of, asleep to, many important truths. Cameron was a joyful being and a blessing, but he died in a twisted non-functional body at age 26.

During his life, Cameron demonstrated to me what it means to live fearlessly and to overcome your own limitations and resistance: he had the ability to transcend his own difficulties and to be a positive force to everyone around him. He heavily influenced my path forward. He also taught me a lot about the beauty of the human child's mind, connecting with me most profoundly when I was singing children's songs and playing silly baby games with him, for his entire life.

A couple years before he died, I started studying the biochemistry of vitamin C and vitamin C babies. My vitamin-C-baby grandson was born in 2010, and that experience solidified my understanding that I was born into a sea of lies and that Cameron's disability was not a random unpreventable accident, but was preventable with the correct information about vitamin C. Being a technical and scientific person, I expected that information discovered in the 1950's, touted by Nobel Laureates, and proven in small circles would be propagated widely to scientists and professionals, so that babies in the 1980's would benefit. However, I know now that has never been the case, and Cameron's non-functional body was the outcome of a system that was highly proficient at suppressing the truth, particularly the truth about vitamin C.

As I approach what I consider mid-life, age 60, I have adopted a mission to spend the second half of my life correcting errors of the dominant cult(ure) that I was born into. Our book Buttercup, Me, and Vitamin C is a book that Cameron would have loved to hear me read over and over. Any child who has this book in their library and hears this poem over and over will grow up understanding that animals make vitamin C to stay healthy and humans don't make any, so we have to take it.

The little farmer that narrates the book teaches in a familiar rhyme style that children love. Buttercup makes vitamin C in her body, but his body does not make vitamin C. Here's an excerpt.


Using some of her food, she'll make vitamin C. Making vitamin C? That consumes energy!

She makes more whenever her body is stressed and less when she's healthy and happy and blessed.

She never gets measles and never rubella. The vitamin C keeps her healthy I tell ya.

It's different for humans: No vitamin C is made by our bodies to combat disease!


The message represented in this excerpt of the book was missing from all of the childrens' libraries when I grew up, all of the biology classes, and all of my higher education. I was unaware of its importance when Cameron developed in the womb, was born, and then became disabled.

Our intention is to get this book into your home so your children will grow up knowing the truth about vitamin C... truth that, to this day, is left out of virtually all of public education.

Please support this intention by purchasing your advanced copy of the book right away. It will be shipped this week. Thank you!

Here are some pictures of Cameron as he grew.

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