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Helios Farms, HFPMA, and Old Website Problems

Prior to plunging into farming, I was in the technology world. I started working with computers in 1977, and was considered pretty technically savvy by the folks who worked for me at Terra Pacific Inc., which became the Corvallis office of after I sold it in the late 1990's.

But alas, the world has changed, and I have become a much better farmer, and my technical skills are maybe a little outdated. This is aggravated by our farm's slow internet connection, and it also seems like the website code that we had at is outdated, according to Wix, which is our website development platform. So my attempts to update people lately, send out mass emails, and even update the blog, have been particularly frustrating. Our website is in need of a purge of all the old code, basically a fresh start. The blog engine is problematic on that site. Anyway, in my "spare time", I plan, at some point, to put a brand new Wix site up for

Meanwhile, I'm restructuring my blog and using this new HFPMA website to house my blog. This new site is clean and new and doesn't seem to have any issues. I will get all the people who read my blog on the old site moved here and we will use this site for communication until both sites are up and running. In the end, this blog will be more about health information and ways to use these amazing foods produced by HFPMA, whereas the heliosfarms site will be where delivery, milking line, and other farm share owner news will be updated.

For clarity, Helios Farms Inc. is going to be our public corporation that sells livestock shares in Oregon, as the LLC has been doing for almost a decade now. People will continue to own their herd shares, hog shares, beef shares, laying-flock shares, and meat chicken shares under contract with Helios Farms Inc.

HFPMA is a newer, private-realm-only membership association that anyone can join for free. HFPMA owns livestock shares and conducts all sorts of private business activities with association members. This structure is allowing us to get all kinds of good foods distributed within the association, and this website is the forum for our private association.

As a point of interest, HFPMA is using the Helios Farms logo through a private license agreement with Helios Farms Inc. So that's familiar!

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