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Raw Cultured Butter (1/2 lb) | 1-year Annual Plan | Monthly or In Advance

Raw Cultured Butter (1/2 lb) | 1-year Annual Plan | Monthly or In Advance

HFPMA is slowly scaling up our raw butter production from our creamery. Currently, this is hand made butter, made 1lb at a time and wrapped in parchment. All butter contains our farm cultures and is mildly cultured at some level. If you want it to be more cultured, you can leave it out at room temperature. Cultured butter has a higher smoke point than regular butter and culturing butter converts any residual lactose from milk in the cream to lactic acid for easy digestion. As we get more equipment and keep growing in association members, we will be producing more butter in bigger batches, without losing any of the quality. Give it a try and let us know what you think! 


A 1-year Annual Plan gets you 52 1/2 lb bars of Raw Butter for the discounted price of 120 MoolaCoin™ per year. Each annual plan gets you a 1/2 lb bar of Raw Butter each week, delivered to your nearest drop point between Roseburg and Portland Oregon.  It costs 12.90 MoolaCoin for the first delivery and then 2.10 MoolaCoin for each of the remaining 51 deliveries, which ends up costing 120 MoolaCoin total and saves you 10 MoolaCoin from the regular 2.50 MoolaCoin per delivery charge.


If you select to pay the full amount In Advance, we will deduct 120 MoolaCoin from your MoolaCount and set you up for 52 weekly deliveries of 1/2 lb of Raw Cultured Butter for a year. Paying in advance is ideal for the farm community, as it helps us grow faster.


If you select the monthly payment plan, with a 1 year annual plan commitment, we deduct 12.92 MoolaCoin from your MoolaCount up front for the first delivery which is not refundable. Then each week we deliver we deduct a discounted price of 2.08 MoolaCoin. The total deducted by the end of the year is 119 MoolaCoin. When your annual plan renews at the end of the year and you want to get the discounted price for another year, we will charge another 12.92 MoolaCoin to your MoolaCount and continue deducting 2.08 MoolaCoin per week.


As long as your MoolaCount has a large enough positive balance, we will continue delivering your butter weekly.

If you want 1 lb of Raw Butter per week, order 2 annual plans. If you want 2 lbs of Raw Butter per week, order 4 annual plans, etc.

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