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Chicken Share; 12 chickens; First Month

Chicken Share; 12 chickens; First Month

The full price for this meat chicken share is 42 MoolaCoin, and you're buying 12 chickens.


Payment options


Monthly: This initial 3.5 MoolaCoin payment reserves 12 chickens for delivery by the end of your farm share year, and each month as we approach harvest, we will deduct another 3.5 MoolaCoin. Chickens are harvested here May through July primarily. We like you to take the 12 chickens in each share you order once they are ready, although we have some freezer space on the farm to store them. The monthly 3.5 MoolaCoin deductions can continue after delivery.


In Advance: This will secure all 12 chickens in advance at the current MoolaCoin rate. We will deduct 42 MoolaCoin from your MoolaCount.


If you want more than 12 chickens, you can order multiple shares.

  • Soy-free Red Ranger Chickens

    We raise Red Ranger chickens in specially designed meat chicken pens that are moved daily on the pasture. They forage on fresh pasture, get lots of spring water, and we feed them soy-free, corn-free, non-gmo local feed that is fermented in raw milk.

  • Refunds

    We don't give refunds, only credits for food from the farm.

  • Delivery

    We can store your chickens and deliver a few once a month, or you can receive them all at once after harvest. We maintain a blog entry on this website that describes our delivery drop points and schedule. Let us know which drop point you prefer. We will provide more details when we email you your farm share invoice.

Expected Availability August 2024
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