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Pork Boneless Neck Steak

Pork Boneless Neck Steak

SKU: lb-ns-p-pma

With a nice fat cap and marbelling throughout, these neck steaks are an underrated cut that is great for most cooking mediums. Experience a great cut that you should be hearing more about!


These are from our new cross of Berkshire x Mangalitsa/Red Wattle. We may have found the perfect combo for Pork. If rendered properly, its darker red meat, nice back fat and incredible marbling throughout, will melt in your mouth and bring a whole new sensation of umami.


As always, our hogs are unvaccinated, unmedicated, pastured, and fed non-gmo, corn-free, soy-free, custom milled grains that are fermented in our unvaccinated, unmedicated grassfed, raw jersey milk.


They are also available as part of a half, or whole hog custom-cut offering, saving you Moola as a bulk purchase.

    1 Pound
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