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Beef Delmonico Steak

Beef Delmonico Steak

SKU: lb-dmstk-b-pma

HFPMA Beef Delmonico Steak. Each Delmonico Steak is 1" thick and weighs 1.25-1.5lbs.  The Delmonico Steak is a specialty cut steak between the loin and 1st rib of the beef.  It is the first steak cut from the bone-in top loin next to the rib section.  Helios Farms beef is from free to roam Grass-Fed and Grass Finished cattle raised on unsprayed, non-GMO pasture forage, hay, haylage, and alfalfa, using no pharmaceutical products, antibiotics, hormones, vaccines, or agricultural chemicals.

    1 Pound
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