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Beef Premium Mixed Cuts Box:  25/50/100 lbs

Beef Premium Mixed Cuts Box: 25/50/100 lbs

The full price for a 100lb beef cuts share is 125 MoolaCoin if paid in advance, or 10.75 MoolaCoin per month. The full price for a 50lb beef cuts share is 64 MoolaCoin if paid in advance, or 5.5 MoolaCoin per month. The price for the 25lb beef cuts is 33 MoolaCoin and has no monthly payment option.  We can store your meat on the farm and deliver a portion monthly to your drop point for 1 MoolaCoin per month to cover the costs of storage and handling.


Our beef is a private-membership offering only. Review the membership terms at HFPMA.

  • Pasture fed/finished beef

    Pharma-free Beef

    Our cattle are fed pasture, grass hay, and alfalfa only. We are an orthomolecular restorative farm, which means we use NO pharmaceutical products with livestock and we use NO agricultural chemicals on the farm. All beef is dry-aged in our on-farm butchery for 14-21 days prior to cut and wrap.  



    Our 100lb beef box contains:


    Rib Steaks 5-6
    NY/T-bones 5-6
    Sirloin Steaks 4-5
    Arm Roast 2-3
    Short Rib 3-4
    Chuck Roast 3-4
    Osso Bucco 3-4
    London Broil 2-3
    Sirloin Tip Roast 1-2
    Bottom Round Roast 2-3
    Stew Meat 2
    Ground Beef lb 25
    Bones lb 6

    The numbers above will vary as you can guess. Beef breeds tend to have larger cuts.  The 50lb beef box is about half of the above. The 25lb beef box is half again.


    Jersey Beef

    We raise our dairy-breed steers and harvest them, but they take an extra year. Some folks prefer the Jersey beef and other dairy breeds. You will likely get a mix of dairy breed and beef breed cuts in your beef box.

    Certain cuts are not included in the beef boxes but can be ordered separately. See the online store or contact the farm to order these cuts. 

  • Refunds

    Any refunds are MoolaCoin credits which are used to buy food from the farm.

  • Delivery and Storage

    We can store your beef and deliver it monthly if you don't have a freezer. We will deduct a 1 MoolaCoin storage/admin fee per month for to cover the electricity and logistics. We maintain a blog entry on this website that describes our delivery drop points and schedule

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