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A2A2 Quart-Per-Week| 1 year Annual Plan| Monthly or In Advance

A2A2 Quart-Per-Week| 1 year Annual Plan| Monthly or In Advance

A2A2 Quart-Per-Week Annual Plans are 26 MoolaCoin™ per year. Each annual plan gets you a quart of A2A2 Single-Moo Milk™ each week, delivered to your nearest drop point between Roseburg and Portland Oregon. A total of 52 quarts of A2A2 milk. All quarts of milk that we deliver are A2A2 milk, so if you want a half gallon of A2A2 milk per week, order 2 of these annual plans.


If you select the monthly payment plan, with a 1 year annual plan commitment, we deduct 3.05 MoolaCoin from your MoolaCount up front for the first delivery which is not refundable. Then each week we deliver we deduct a discounted price of 45 MoolaCents™. The total deducted by the end of the year is 26 MoolaCoin. When your annual plan renews at the end of the year and you want to get the discounted price for another year, we will charge another 3.05 MoolaCoin per herd share to your MoolaCount and continue deducting 45 MoolaCents™ per week.


If you select to pay the full amount In Advance, we will deduct 26 MoolaCoin from your MoolaCount and set you up for weekly deliveries for a year (52 total).


If you want a gallon of A2A2 milk per week, order 4 of these herd shares. If you want 2 gallons a week, order 8 herd shares, etc.

  • Single-Moo Milk

    When you get milk from our herd, you know which cow produced it because the jar is labeled with the cow's name. We call it "Single-Moo Milk". Our cows are fed pasture forage, grass hay, and alfalfa and their water comes from the springs on our land. We feed no grain. As an orthomolecular livestock farm, we use no agricultural chemicals on our farm and we use no pharmaceutical products with our animals. We know how to resolve animal health issues using high dose nutrients and we attend to the microbiome balance on our farm. 

  • Refunds

    Refunds are in MoolaCoin, which can be used to buy other products from the farm.

  • Helios Farms Delivery

    We maintain a blog entry on Helios Farms website that describes our delivery drop points and schedule. Let us know which drop point you prefer. We will provide more details when we email you your farm share invoice.

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