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The War on Humanity

Updated: May 24, 2023

We became full-time farmers a decade ago after recognizing that there is a war underway. We were born into a war, and few people around us recognized that they were under attack.

At that time, the war on humanity was evident to us based on a some very loud wake-up calls:

  • We discovered the vitamin C work of Robert F. Cathcart, III, M.D. which obsoleted the pharma industry....and yet pharma was and is still a dominant industry.

  • Vaccines were causing significant damage to our children, even though all of those injected products and the entire body of vaccine science were obsoleted by vitamin C research by Cathcart and Klenner in particular. The unnecessary assaults on children continued and the "autism epidemic" was an outcome of these assaults. War.

  • Parents were consenting to vaccines, based on unfounded fear of disease.

  • Additives common in the food system were exasperating the damage to children.

  • Pesticides and petro-fertilizers in the soil and the food system were exasperating the damage.

  • Add your points here (EMF, Fluoride, Lead, Mercury, etc.)

It all added up to a quiet war on human potential. It was growing with each successive generation, with parental consent (a kind of brainwashed consent). Having been unaware of the war, brainwashed, and guilty of giving consent during the 1980s and '90s, we had both indignation and motivation to do something. We had a few skills, some critical thinking brains, and we decided to apply them to winning the war.

But how do you win a war with such an unseen and pervasive enemy? We had not even realized that we were born into this war, our parents didn't realize it. Many still don't.

There were other aspects and experiences (blessings really, the hard kind that teach you stuff) that had led us to see the root of the problem, a way to disarm the enemy.

The root problem, we determined, was centralization. Centralization breeds evil. The solution is to decentralize ourselves. That was our somewhat simple perspective at the time.

So we bought a cow that we named "Cindy Moo-Who." She had a calf. We milked Cindy and started sharing the milk from a fridge on the porch in Corvallis with one acre of grass. That was in 2010.

The messaging from our farm, as we have grown to 50 cows and 160 acres, has always been about a necessary revolution. It's about decentralization of the food supply. It's about "going backward to leap forward." Our first ad said it:

Fast forward to now, and many can clearly see that the war on humanity is forwarding fast. The urgency has shifted. More and more folks are recognizing that humanity is under assault. The media narratives are essentially all lies to cover up the war and distract us from the real issues. Our children are under assault. The enemy is illusive and hard to pinpoint because of the multi-faceted (food, finance, medicine, education) attack strategy, but the solution for humanity to win is clear: decentralize everything.

Decentralization is more important than ever, and it has to happen quickly and strategically. If you are in our farm community, you have already joined the revolution. You, at least, recognized that channeling your resources into decentralized food supply is worth it (and tastes better). Now we have to accelerate our defensive maneuvers. We have to move quickly, daily, prayerfully, and with strategic purpose now that we clearly see the war is on and we know how to win.

One very-well-credentialed warrior who has been shouting out about this war for quite a while is Catherine Austin Fitts. Today she is saying "Time is Up." Here's a link to an important video interview on the Children's Health Defense site. We encourage you to click the link and watch the video beginning to end.

Note the first sentence in the description of the show Financial Rebellion: The revolution will not be centralized...

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