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Half Hog; ~100lb Premium Pork

Half Hog; ~100lb Premium Pork

This is the best pork you will ever taste! Our untainted hogs receive no pharmaceuticals of any kind, ever. They receive soy-free, corn-free, non-gmo custom-milled feed that is fermented in our raw Jersey cow milk. We custom-cut to your instructions, then brine and cure your hams and bacon using Himalayan salt and organic fresh-ground spices. We do not use nitrates or nitrates in our curing process. Then, we cold-smoke your hams and bacon over unsprayed apple wood cut right here on the farm.


 Right now, you can reserve your half for our upcoming harvests beginning January and then another batch is coming up in Spring. We standardize our half hogs to 100lb of pork cuts (chops, roasts, ribs), bacon, hams, sausage, bones, and organs. A custom-cut hog harvest experience on the farm is included. 


The full price for a half hog  is 100 MoolaCoin. A payment of 8..75 MoolaCoin reserves your hog in your farm share for delivery by the end of your farm share year. Each month until harvest, 8.75 MoolaCoin will be deducted from your MoolaCount and the balance is due at harvest. We can store your meat on the farm and deliver a portion monthly to your drop point for an extra 1 MoolaCoin a month to cover the storage and handling costs..

Read about our custom hog harvest experience under the FAQ menu on our website


If you want the whole hog, order two half hogs.

  • Soy-free Berkshire, Mangalitza, Red-Wattle Hogs

    We are very excited about the outcome of crossing our 1/2 Mangalitza and 1/2 Red Wattle Boar with our pure Berkshire sows. The quality of the pork is exceptional, with a deep red color, the meat-to-fat ratio is amazing with generous fat, and the marbling within the meat is beautiful. We feed them soy-free, non-gmo feed that is soaked in fermented raw milk.

  • Refunds

    Any refunds are issued in MoolaCoin.

  • Delivery

    We maintain a blog entry on this website that describes our delivery drop points and schedule. Let us know which drop point you prefer. We will provide more details when we email you your farm share invoice.

MK8.75 Regular Price
MK7.88Sale Price
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