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Half Beef Premium Cuts Share

Half Beef Premium Cuts Share

The full price for a half beef is based on the hanging weight of the side of beef at 1 MK per lb. This can vary considerably, but we expect to deliver a minimum of 200lb for a half, so the price is 200 MK paid in advance. Anything over 200lb is an additional 1 MK per lb.

Our half beef cuts are standard to include steaks, roasts, ground beef, bones, organs, and rendered tallow from your half beef.  You can also customize how you want your 1/2 Beef cut and portioned, which can also include specialty cuts.  All our cattle are raised and finished on pasture, alfalfa, hay, and forage only (no grain). None of our cattle have had any pharmaceutical products in their lives, and no vaccinations.


A beef harvest experience on the farm is included. Read about our beef harvest experience under the FAQ menu on our website.  Beef share owners are agreeing to join HFPMA, a private membership association, and our beef share is a private membership offering only. Review the membership application at HFPMA.

  • Pasture fed/finished beef

    Our beef cuts cattle are fed pasture, grass hay, and alfalfa only. We are an orthomolecular regenerative farm, which means we use no pharmaceutical products with livestock and we use no agricultural chemicals on the farm. All cuts beef is dry-aged in our on-farm butchery for 21 days prior to cut and wrap. We recommend being present for the harvest/cut/wrap experience. 

  • Refunds

    We don't give refunds, only credits for food from the farm.

  • Delivery

    We can store your beef and deliver it monthly if you don't have a freezer. We maintain a blog entry on this website that describes our delivery drop points and schedule. Let us know which drop point you prefer. We will provide more details when we email you your farm share invoice.

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