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Raw Colostrum Eggnog

There's this controversial guy who took the name Aajonus Vonderplanitz and he has books about The Primal Diet. Many find that his information works for them, heals their gut damage from previous processed food diets or vegan diets, relieves their fatigue, and over time detoxes their bodies from previous pharma and processed-food assaults. We have several folks working on the farm now that came here because of our pharma-free and ag-chemical-free approach to producing meat and eggs and milk and other foods. They are paying attention to Aajonus' information, and several will eat nothing cooked, so it can be a little different here around the table at mealtime. Raw liver anyone?

Aajonus was a big advocate of raw milk...raw everything actually. One thing I've pointed out on my blog previously is that humans can live on raw cow milk alone. For their entire life. Really. It takes about a gallon to a gallon and a half per day. Then you never need any other sustenance. I like to point out, in case you've been led astray, that you are a mammal and your kind was created on the sixth day, right after cattle. After creating cattle, God scooped up a handful of dirt (probably at least part cow manure), and breathed into it to make Adam. The latest, most-advanced microbiome science confirms that's what happened. We are symbiotically connected to cows since that day, and we can live on their milk only, if that's all that's available or if we just want to live on raw milk. Ask Sarah, who currently works here, what it's like to live on raw cow milk alone.

My take on the Aajonus Primal Diet is that he figured out that our digestive system is similar to a dog's digestive system, so we can actually thrive by eating like a lucky dog. I've nicknamed that way of eating "the lucky dog diet." If you are a dog living on a farm with a raw dairy and an on-farm butchery, then you have direct access to many of the raw and fermented "foods" that Aajonus recommended as healing foods. Ruben, our lucky farm dog, eats like a king by Aajonus standards. If you're here on the farm, you can be a lucky dog too!

Now what about this raw eggnog thing?

Adding raw eggs and raw honey to raw milk, makes raw eggnog. Since man can also live on raw chicken eggs alone (slurp down about a dozen or two a day), a quart of raw eggnog makes for a quick and VERY satisfying meal when you're feeling depleted from a hard, hot, day of work on the farm or you've just risen and want to quickly start your day right.

When our cows calve, there's more than enough colostrum, in the first hours and through about the third day, to start the calf (calves take about a half gallon or so to get a good start) and also distribute some to our herd share owners, PMA members, and farm workers (like Kira and me). Colostrum is essentially mammalian egg yolk, looking like and serving a similar purpose for calves and humans as the egg yolk does for a chick inside an egg. You can blend colostrum into your eggnog to make colostrum eggnog, which then delivers all kinds of immune-boosting goodies, including stem cells, to regenerate and fortify your body, and it even can make you immune to the mass-media lies.

Note: when I say "raw milk," I mean milk from cows on Helios Farms or cows that are fed and cared for in the same way. We feed them grass and alfalfa and minerals and pure spring water only (no grains). When I say "raw chicken eggs," I mean raw eggs from Helios Farms' chickens or from chickens that are raised in the same way we raise them (no soy).

Here's the recipe:

Into a blender, add


  • 3-6 Helios Farms' eggs, chilled.

  • an equal amount of cold Helios Farms' Single-Moo Milk, Cream, or Colostrum.

  • (sometimes I do 50-50 colostrum and milk along with the eggs).

  • A tsp or a tablespoon of raw honey (to taste).

  • If you want it to taste like Christmas eggnog, add 1/8-1/4 tsp of ground cloves.

Blend it and drink it.

Note: You can embellish the eggnog with other spices like 1/4 tsp cinnamon and fresh ground nutmeg, but I find the cloves to be adequate (or no spices if you don't do spices).

It's really yummy and satisfying.

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