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Gift your child lifelong health

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

One of the most motivating parts of being an orthomolecular farmer is the influence that we have on young couples who show up to get food from the farm...before they have children. In the last two months, two new vitamin C babies have been born into the farm share community. The birth stories are consistent: short labors, quick birth with a few pushes. These babies are usually born at home or at a birth center in a tub of warm water. The birth stories are heartwarming. The babies are strong and responsive. The mothers recover really fast.

There is a stark contrast between the heart-warming vitamin C baby stories, where complications are very rare, and the heart-wrenching C-section-industry-baby stories, where moms have no idea about vitamin C, complications in birth are financially motivated, and the C-section rate is more than 30%. So being one channel for getting truth about vitamin C and pregnancy to young couples is a glorious honor beyond measure.

And then there are viruses...We had a new farm share owner couple visit the farm in the last two weeks. They took home a copy of my children's book Buttercup, Me, and Vitamin C, and studied it. Ironically, the young man was starting to feel viral symptoms, so he ordered some ascorbic acid. By the time it arrived a couple days later, he was really fighting some symptoms. So, following what he learned from the poem in that children's book, he took 40 grams of vitamin c over the next couple hours, and the symptoms went away. It's so simple, you can describe it in a children's book, and the results are consistently repeatable. They have been repeatable since 1981 when former Stanford researcher Robert Cathcart, M.D. published his paper titled Titration to Bowel Tolerance.

We just want to get the information out there. It's our passion. If a $20 book is on your child's or grandchild's bookshelf starting this December, and they read it over and over, they will memorize that little poem. They'll have words in their head that help them stay healthy for the rest of their life:

"And if I get sick, I can take C more often. I'll take it and take it until I stop coughin'. I'll take it until my sore throat goes away. I'll think about Buttercup, chomping her hay. Never a sniffle, because she makes C. We're the same and we're different, take it from me."

Understanding how to make a vitamin C baby is a powerful remedy to the C-section industry. And gifting your child or grandchild the proven, lifelong ability to shut down viral symptoms using vitamin C is a rare and lasting gift. In fact, is there a more valuable gift to give a child?

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Dec 15, 2020

I thought the book was wonderful. I've been studying and taking vitamin C for decades and this small book has the most approachable explanation of things that I've encountered.

I purchased ten copies of the book and have been giving them out to friends and family. Wish I could afford more. This should become a world-changing book.

Thank you so much.

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