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1000-Day Self-Completion

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

After God made cattle, in Genesis 2:7 ¶ The LORD God also made the man of the dust of the ground, and breathed in his face breath of life, and the man was a living soul.

I spend a lot of time with cows, so I know that the dust of the ground no doubt had some cow manure in it, teeming with microbes, a God-created microbial balance. The latest human microbiome science tells us the same thing as the Bible: Humans, like cows, are a symbiosis of microbes. Babies (calves and humans) are uniquely open to receiving microbes for their internal garden when they're born, and mother's milk is "prebiotic" and "probiotic" to help them sort the best microbes for their lifelong health.

A human baby's first 1000 days is their "self-completion period", a period where their internal microbiome is developed, and that microbiome determines their lifelong health. Knowing this, it is important to make sure your baby gets exposure to a lot of farm dust and animal dander, lots of mother's milk to sort microbes, and for a broader spectrum of microbes and immune system information, a little raw milk from other healthy moms and other mammals.

Cities are microbial wastelands, so get out to clean parts of God's creation, nature and farms. A rich internal garden is filled with detoxing microbes, pathogen-fighting microbes, and nutrient-making microbes. This is the truth since day 6 of the Creation, and it is revealed in the advanced science on the human microbiome.

If a child misses out on a rich internal garden of microbes during the self-completion period. or their microbiome is damaged by vaccines and other pharma products or chemical additives in their food, nutrient deficiency may be a lifelong (maybe a short life) battle. For example, missing out on microbes that produce niacin can lead to niacin deficiency which can lead to serious brain issues like schizophrenia. With that kind of microbial damage in the gut, mental health then depends upon supplementing with high-dose niacin every day without fail. A damaged microbiome can create a niacin dependency.

Orthomolecular methods are simply about finding individual nutrient deficiencies (short term) and dependencies (long term) and correctively supplementing. Orthomolecular medicine is very effective and does not inflict further damage to the individual's internal microbial garden.

Functional medicine has methods of analyzing missing microbes and correcting them. Some dietary methods, like the Primal Diet advocated by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, including "high meat" seem to offer ways to inoculate and possibly "complete" a gut microbiome that was not properly completed or was damaged early in life .

After having a Vitamin C Baby, the best assurance of long-term microbial health for a newborn baby is to focus on establishing a rich internal microbial garden during the 1000-day self completion period when the gut is receptive to microbes and the mother's milk is sorting out those microbes according to God's original design. Understand that there has been a LOT of microbiome damage inflicted in the past two centuries with misguided medicine like mercury, agricultural and industrial chemicals, pharma chemicals, emf, and other toxins. A microbiome is passed from the mother to the baby, primarily, with a little input from the dad.

For example, correcting multigenerational microbial damage may be about correcting problems introduced when your Great Great Grandmother was treated with mercury as a teething baby "to purge her bowels." Mental illness may "run in the family" simply because a set of niacin-producing gut microbes have been missing from your family microbiome since your Great Great Grandmother gave birth to your Great Grandmother. Protect your baby's internal garden from all chemicals (especially pharma products). Broaden your baby's internal garden by exposing them to rich microbial gardens (healthy animals, healthy farm dust, pristine nature, raw milk from other mammals) while you are breastfeeding them so that your milk can nourish the correct microbial balance.

Perhaps Jesus was born in a manger for a reason.

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